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Video games Nicktoons: Globs of Doom, Nicktoons MLB
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Personality Dark, Menacing
Appearance Short and extremely slender, Gothis, Purple Hair (bobcut)
Occupation Dib's sister and unwilling sidekick
Affiliations Neutral
Home Earth
Relatives Remilia older sister flandre sister Professor Membrane (father) unnamed grandfather unamed uncle unamed mother
Allies Dib, Professor Membrane
Enemies Invader Zim, Morphoids
Likes Getting her way, video games
Dislikes People getting in her way, having to act as a sidekick to her brother, ZIM
Powers and abilities

Gaz is Dib's younger sister and character from Invader Zim

Video GamesEdit

Nicktoons: MLBEdit

Gaz is a playable character in Nicktoons: MLB alongside Zim, with surprisingly positive interaction with him. Best used as a pitcher, her throw is one of the fastest in the entire game; her throw leaves a trail of skulls in the same designs as the ones from her part in the show's intro scene. Her clothes are the same as in the show, only her dress has pinstripes and she wears a red baseball cap that transforms into a first baseman's helmet when she is at first base. In these concept sketches by Aaron Alexovich, in the series she was going to actually wear a helmet that would cover her hair. Additionally, she also has a collectible card; it mentions her complaining that the whole idea is as bad as a 2-bit arcade game when reached for comment by reporters. When ZIM passes first base during a home run, Gaz can briefly be seen cheering for him when he passes her during it. Since the game offers no story mode or explanation as to why the two are partnered together, one can only use their imagination as to why Gaz is being so nice to him in this instance. The trick to getting this animation is that you have to have the both of them as first-basers on both teams, and make ZIM hit a home run.