Evil Organization




Nicktoons Unite!




Professoe Calamitous's Doomsday Lab


Professor Calamitous


Plankton, Denzel Crocker, Vlad Plasmius, Dib, Traloc, Beautiful Gorgeous


Destroy/Conquer their respective worlds except in the case of Dib(all failed)

Video Game Appearances

Nicktoons Unite!
Nicktoons: Globs of Doom

The Evil Syndicate (or just The Syndicate) is a evil organization that acts as a main antagonist in Nicktoons Unite! and Nicktoons: Globs of Doom. The Syndicate is composed of Nickelodeon's worst villains.

Formation (Nicktoons Unite!)Edit

The Evil Syndicate was formed when Professor Calamitous stole the plans of an inter dimensional portal through a Flea Bot on Jimmy Neutron's robotic dog pet, Goddard. He used the portal to get access to all worlds and drain their energy with the help of eatch world's villain. In response, Jimmy Neutron assembled eatch world's hero to fight the Syndicate and stop their draining. They passed through Amity Park, Bikini Bottom, and Fairy World until they learned of the Syndicate's true plan: to steal energy from all world's to power up their Doomsday Device which can destroy worlds in a matter of seconds. Once the villains were defeated, Calamitous called them back to attack the heroes all at once. But, even their combined mights could not overcome the heroes and were eventually defeated. The heroes shut down their machine, sending their villains (eatch one trapped somehow) back to their homeworld's.

The 2nd Syndicate (Globs of Doom)Edit

After Calamitous decided to follow uo other plans for world conquest, another set of villains decided to take over The Syndicate. The new Syndicate was apparently being lead by Technus while the other members were Professor Calamitous's daughter: Beautiful Gorgeous and Pupununu sorceror: Traloc. Plankton kept his position as the only original syndicate member. During the Morphoid invasion, the heroes decided to work together with The Evil Syndicate. Invader Zim and Dib were also willing to help with Dib aiding the Syndicate. The Nicktoons combined might along with The Vessel of Portencia was enough to stun the morphoid leader: Globulous Maximus. However, the villains kick all the heroes out of the Vessel, planning to use Globulous to their own evil ends. Globulous however, switches sides and destroys the Vessel, leaving the villains drifting in space.




Notable Members

Lower Members



Amity Park/Ghost Zone

Bikini Bottom


Zim's Town

Plankton, Possible Technical Supervisor


Dib, Temporary member of the 2nd Syndicate


  • All the villains from the first Syndicate appear as racers on Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing
  • Beautigul Gorgeous is the only female Syndicate member.
  • Plankton appears the most than any other syndicate member in any other Nicktoons Crossover Game.