Bubble Bass is an obese bass who has appeared in a few of the earlier episodes and the season 8 episode Plankton's Good Eye. He wears an orange tanktop and glasses. His lips and other parts of his body are darker green. He has a bit of speech impediment and breathes very deeply.

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Nicktoons: Globs of DoomEdit

Bubble Bass appears as a boss in Nicktoons: Globs of Doom. He is the first boss, of the first level, which is Bikini Bottom. He was just enjoying his Krabby Patties when suddenly some goo fell on his burger. He ate it, causing him to become a special morphoid and grew to gigantic size and headed towards the Krusty Krab. After defeating him he vomits some goo which is spilled over SpongeBob. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, but it is presumed he turned back to normal size and is not longer under possession.


It is very easy to defeat Bubble Bass. The first thing to do is put some Krabby Patties on the grill and wait for them to become very hot, you can see that when dark smoke comes from it. When the Kraaby Pattie is ready you have to throw it into Bubble Bass' mouth, which causes him to burp and lose health.

In the meantime Bubble Bass is shooting down Morphoids, the one who can be killed with one hit, on the stage which you have to defeat. Also his hand will appear on the side of the stage, bashing into you if you're close. Just keep throwing the Krabby Patties until he is defeated.